Living in Your Own Energy

During one of the recent days at Chiltern Escapes our group of ‘escapees’ discussed a very practical topic of balancing our feminine and masculine energies and employing the right one for the time and purpose given. I’ll write a special page about it to share more details of our workshop but for now I’ll give away a sneak a peak into the self help side of it.

I offered our participants a quick testing tool of my own making (see picture below) to identify in which energy they are habitually living on the day to day basis. The basic wheel template was given to me by a fellow coach Rita Silva who studied it at Lisbon Coaching Academy. I added my bit about feminine and masculine energy halves based on my Ayurvedic research.

Many women were sincerely astonished by and others just honestly accepted the fact that they are regularly preoccupied in the masculine zone and don’t spend enough time in the feminine. Or use their feminine at work and come home to find them selves in the masculine. Behaving accordingly and feeling exhausted, stressed and demotivated.

The advantages of living in one’s own energy are vast! First of all your own energy is a renewable source if used correctly and therefore the main perk that comes with living in it is feminine health that depends on all hormonal functions being aligned and delivering properly.  An individual living in their own energy grows in power whereas the opposite mode brings depletion of strength and often a crash and burn situation.

Here as a reader of this blog post you won’t have the benefit of the whole workshop but you could ask yourselves, How much of my time of acting and thinking is spent in each section of the wheel? Use the scale of 0 – 10 as a measure for the same period of time (chose a week, month, quarter of the year or annual unit) for each section alike.  Connect the numbers and colour the space resulted.

If you find that the left hand side half of the circle coloured red and green filled more than the right one (my situation a decade ago) than you are a typical modern woman with all the perks of stress tiredness and often emotional disconnect from loved ones family and friends to a greater or lesser extent.

If you’re mostly in the right side of the wheel – it could be that you’re not taken seriously at work and despite your professionalism and expertise, are having hard time climbing the career ladder.

Another important question to ask  is ‘What is your style of communication?’ I’ll talk more about it in my future posts. 

You could be your own coach and see what little actions you could take in the opposite side of the wheel to bring things into a more balanced picture.

These are only a couple of very polarised possible examples described here and to no measure is a complete profiling of all imaginable combinations.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss your findings and their implications in person during your free introductory session.

 © Dana Johnson 2015 


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I help women get in touch with their true selves, live authentic, happy lives and succeed on their own terms.

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