Relationship Bliss

Relationship Bliss – You are on top of the world and happy as happy can be, so why would you need a relationship coach? Learn the secret of how to stay together even after the initial infatuation is over and everyday reality sinks in.

Magic Spring
Magic Spring

There are four components to every relationship – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. In the beginning it’s usually one or two that attract people to each other and if the other two or three are not aligned and present our happiness is often as fragile as a bubble in the air. Learn to master all four of them as well as skills of loving communication and confrontation, and enjoy life to the fullest. This course is available as individual or group coaching; give it as a gift to your hen party, flower girls, or girlfriends and get a discount. It’s a 6 week course for a woman who wants to know exactly how to keep happiness and grow in it together with her partner. Inquire to schedule your own sessions or join a group. Call 07917376004 for a free one hour session. Email to arrange Skype or other web supported connection.

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