Dana Johnson

Personal and Business Growth 


Hello and welcome!


I love meeting new people and getting to know them and be of help whenever I can. I believe your story is as unique as mine and everyone is a hero of an epic past and future story. I cannot wait to discover yours. I’m fascinated with human’ character and have a strong admiration for it. I  am so inspired to see my clients grow in their power and succeed in all areas of their lives and influence people around them. If you already know me and ready to book a session click here.  Otherwise


Read what others say about coaching with me here.


Through our work together you will:

Have clarity and therefore confidence and energy to fulfill whatever your heart’s calling;

Discover your personal wisdom and love;

Get strategies to work towards your goals and achieve them;

Inspect your beliefs and fears that hold you back and let go of them;

Become closer to your true self;

Connect to people and move forward with vision and passion for life.

“If you win you can lead, if you fail you can guide.”

Lao Tzu

I am happy to help a person like you in any area of your life that needs extra support or special attention. Whether it is work related challenges or changes, stress management, or personal issues I’m here for you. I help my clients to work out any relationship ups and downs with loved ones and close family.

Or may be you are at the beginning of a new venture and require somebody to get you through highs and lows of a start-up, I’ll be your shoulder and motivator, as well as mindset check up. And ultimately teach you to be your own shoulder and motivator for life! Whatever question or issue you have I will be happy to have a discovery session with you and see if we can work together further.


I employ my life experience of many personal ups and downs, my training at Robbins Madanes Cr for Strategic Intervention Coaching. I have a law degree from Harvard Law School and had taught and practiced human rights law. I’m now more into the depths of human mind and emotion. I know what it takes to achieve and I’ll guide you where you need to be in life.


Commit to change and honesty within and without and I take you through the process of transformation gently and the best possible pace.

I work with my clients in person, by phone or Skype and lead group workshops for collectives at work place

I live with my family near in Bucks, near London and can meet people in person in different locations withing reasonable commute.

Check out and book your free discovery session or a coaching session/package now:


If during your discovery session or a free 15 min consultation we both felt that we clicked and you decide to go for all your dreams and desires we would work in blocks of six sessions or more. Your initial cost will be credited towards your choice of a coaching package.

Feel free to pick up the phone and discuss whatever big, small, silly or difficult questions you have. My mobile smiles when you ring: +44(0)7917376004

Click here to see what coaching package suits you best:




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