‘Chiltern Escapes’

Holistic Health & Wellbeing Day Retreats for Women

A thank you note from a February guest:

Since my day with you at the Chiltern Escapes I was really struck by something that was said about female archetypes and I managed to get a promotion at work! I’m so grateful to you [Dyann, the founder] and Dana [the coach]. It’s so typically and incredibly generous of you – to open a space … up to others. I’m totally inspired by this and by you. Thank you so much I can’t wait for the next one…

September Escape

We had another wonderful Hen Party at Chiltern Escapes last Saturday 5th September 2015. Our group coaching session was shortened to 40 minutes though as the arrivals were staggered due to traffic on M25 and our mostly London ‘hens’ were stuck for a while and then lunch time was pressing on grumbling tummies. Yet, we managed to cover the most important points of relationship coaching… read more 

August Escape

Friday 28th August ‘Navigating the Masculine’ Join us on Friday August 28 -our group coaching topic is Navigating the Masculine. Anyone who have brothers, husbands, fathers and sons will discover a lot for making these relationship happy and easy.

June Escape

Friday June 26th

April Escape

‘…. will introduce and discuss these two great practical concepts: the first one is from a great psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who has been studying happiness for forty years of his professional life; the second – from women’s coach and author Tara Mohr.  Their respective books Flow and Playing Big brought a very fresh and energising perspective … read more

March Escape

‘…. as we are preparing for our mother-daughter days this weekend at Chiltern Escapes a lot of brainstorming going on among us – Debra, the artist and founder of Minimonetsuk.com, Dyann, the host of the Chiltern Escapes and myself. We are aiming to create a very intimate and caring space in time and place where one could’ … read more

February Escape

‘….during one of the recent days at Chiltern Escapes our group of ‘escapees’ discussed a very practical topic of balancing our feminine and masculine energies and employing the right one for the time and purpose given. I’ll write a special page about it to share more details of our workshop but for now I’ll give away a sneak a peak into the self help side of it’… read more

‘…. all adults operating in feminine and masculine energies. I also wrote about three feminine energies that women posses in themselves. Without further introduction I would like to point out a connection between female hormones and women’s careers and the conundrum of “having it all” … read more

January Escape

‘….this image is from one of our first sessions at Chiltern Escapes  where we learn, eat and relax in the company of amazing women friends and family. It was an absolute success so far with the array of guest speakers such as Sue Earl, an actress, meditation teacher and’ … read more


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