My Clients Say

Ashley Rose, Psychotherapist, Washington DC, 31 July 2015 Dana is a compassionate, intuitive coach whose awareness feels spiritual. I was working on opening my heart back up to emotions and relationship and her openness helped me to do so. She was very present, truly was a person with love and guidance. I will not forget how touched I was and more ready I felt for connection with others. Dana has amazing awareness… read more here

Dyann Heward-Mills, Partner at Baker&McKenzy, Founder of ‘ChilternEscapes’, June 2015 
My coaching sessions with Dana are always insightful. Dana’s extensive wisdom and experience has helped me enormously to cut through the fog of fear. With Dana’s support, I have been empowered to pursue my callings. Dana has coached me to establish a successful well woman retreat. In addition, Dana’s tools and insights have helped me to catapult my legal career whilst maintaining a happy, balanced, family life. Dana coaches with a powerful blend of razor-sharp perception, authenticity, warmth and empathy. Dana’s coaching is invaluable. Be prepared to uncover new truths buried deep within and to be taken to new heights of fulfilment… read more here

Sonja M Zglobicka, Fashion Design Grad, London, July 2015
I contacted Dana because I felt stuck. I was confused, depressed and I was spinning in circles with my career and personal life. I had a lot of self-doubt and although I had a vision of where I want to be, I had no belief I can actually achieve it one day. During the first session with Dana I was challenged to say out loud that ‘I’m enough’ and ‘I’m ready’. I’ve never realized that my self-confidence about my skills and abilities is so low that just saying those words to another person was a huge struggle. It made me realize that I really needed help to overcome those boundaries within me, and with Dana’s support I really felt it’s possible.

We started to unfold my limiting believes and Dana inspired me to look at the world from a different perspective. One of the revelations that came to me during our sessions is related to my brother. Our relationship was one of the main reasons for my low self-esteem, which for so many years had made me believe I’m not capable to be successful in life. Through discussion with Dana I was able to understand the source of the problem and overcome it, which was a great liberation. I felt like a new chapter has opened for me in this moment of awakening and finally I started believing in change.
During 6 weeks of my coaching program I have started to… read more here