Celestina Abika, Business Analytic,  May 2016

Dear Dana,  

Just wanted to say a big thank you.  It’s been the quickest 6 weeks of my life. 6 weeks of blessings. 6 weeks of joy, 6 weeks of empowerment. You helped me get through some difficult storms and showed me how to get the sunshine back in my life. A brilliant coach. I would definitely recommend you to anyone. Warm regards xxx

N, Moscow, Russia, Jan 2016

They say life starts at 40, but no one mentions that you have to die first… I will always remember my death date – 3rd September 2015. My kitchen, my husband, dinner…

– I figured it all out, we have to part. You’re going to your aunt. Don’t come close. I cannot stand you.

Two children, 15 years of marriage, no home, no job, no life. I was sinking deep into some kind of swamp […] Such people show up “accidentally” when you need them the most. Such person for me was Dana… read more

Iveta Zaklasnikova,  Marketing Manager & Personal, London, Nov 2015 

I wish I met Dana earlier because I wouldn’t have to struggle so much with stress and overeating… Dana’s approach is very effective. She doesn’t waste time during coaching, I mean, she is straight to the point and asks you such questions so you are more clear about your current issue… read more

N, Psycologist, Homemaker, Mom of Three, Bucks, Oct 2015

I immediately felt at ease with [Dana’s] quiet confidence and warmth, and your careful, intuitive listening. Your passion for women and the woman’s role in the household was very evident, and made me feel affirmed and valued in a way that I hadn’t even realised I needed. You responded to my feedback after a couple of sessions with humility and integrity, and as a result I felt we were able to move to a new level of understanding… read more

Diana Rushton, Weight Loss Expert  & Medical Professional, Hull, UK, Aug 2015 

Dana is such a wonderful and professional person. She dealt with me in such a unique approach that was full of love, passion, and concern about my wellbeing. With Dana I was able to discover my true self and my core values which she helped me to keep focus on and that brought about a lot of change to my life. …I advise you to work with her as she has lots of strengths that make working with her a wonderful experience… read more

Jane Hewer, Educator, Writer, Shetland Islands, UK, Aug 2015 

Dana is a kind, articulate, non-intrusive coach who holds a mirror to her clients. Her observations are both profound and subtle, enabling communication at a deeper level… Dana has coached me on creative writing projects and also on relationships. She celebrates successes, but notices when the client requires a sense of being grounded and centered. I have been able to take action in an informed way and move towards achieving my goal of being a published author. read more

Debra Frances-Bean, Artist, Founder of Minimonets, Sep 2015  

..Having conversations with Dana is always enlightening and have created some profound subtle shifts in the way that I conduct myself in my business and personal relationships. So much more to learn and I would recommend Dana without a doubt… read more

Anon, Musician, California, USA, 6 August 2015

Dana is an extremely compassionate, gifted, and versatile coach. She helped me move from a place of feeling a bit confused, stuck and overwhelmed, toward greater confidence, increased consistency with self care, and more proactivity in my career… Her intuitive abilities combined with real world experience and common sense make her an excellent support for a variety of coaching goals and areas of life… read more

A Chiltern Escapes Guest, Feb 2015 

Since my day with you at the Chiltern Escapes I was really struck by something that was said about female archetypes and I managed to get a promotion at work! read more

Ashley Rose, Psychotherapist, Washington DC, 31 July 2015 

Dana is a compassionate, intuitive coach whose awareness feels spiritual. I was working on opening my heart back up to emotions and relationship and her openness helped me to do so. She was very present, truly was a person with love and guidance. I will not forget how touched I was… read more

Dyann Heward-Mills, Partner at Baker&McKenzy, 
Founder of ‘Chiltern Escapes’, June 2015 

Dana’s extensive wisdom and experience has helped me enormously to cut through the fog of fear. Dana’s tools and insights have helped me to catapult my legal career… read more

Sonja M Zglobicka, Fashion Design Grad, London, July 2015

I contacted Dana because I felt stuck. I was confused, depressed and I was spinning in circles with my career and personal life… I have gained so much from my coaching sessions with Dana that I can honestly say that thanks to her I’m where I’m today, full of joy and enthusiasm for things to come. read more 


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