Relationship Check-Up or ‘MOT’

Relationship Check-up or ‘MOT’ – You’ve been and weathered together a little or a lot and are now at a stage of an open plain, m.b. even a plateau, or is that a fork on the road ahead; or your family situation is changing with new children on board, children growing or emptying the nest. Whatever the reason, something is changing or standing still without a breeze for some time.

Before boredom and casualness sets in there is a spark that could be reignited, brought back or a new flame found, fresh air let in. As a woman you hold the reins of the relationship.  It’s up to you to wish it to a completely new level. This 6 week (3months, 6 months) individual or group course will examine your possibilities of growing and expanding your relationship and establishing even deeper and satisfying connection. Book your group and one comes free. Call 07917376004 for a free one hour session. Email for arranging Skype or other web supported connection.

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