Relationship Skills for Women

I believe relationships are at the core of our being. From early days of mother-baby then father-child, siblings connection and eventually life partners – these are the corner stones that give shape and meaning to all what we do. I lived my adult life in running away mode until my thirties and then spent a decade reconnecting with my family and started to have ‘towards’ goals. I discovered my heart finally at the begining of my fourth decade. I’m so grateful for this awakening to happen and feel that I can give so much to others to  find or heal their hearts, too. There are two ways we learn in life – from personal experience which often means suffering or through wisdom that exists in the body of knowledge others could show us. So I went through both. I spent the last few years studying Vedic psychology and learning from the masters in the field of life coaching such as Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes. I begun working with women on all kinds of relationship issues.

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Relationship Magnet – You are single and looking for a great committed long-term relationship.

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Learn what you can influence and control in your life in order to find, attract and keep the right person and build a stable relationship. Explore what is in your current reality and mindset that precludes you from selecting, connecting and staying with the one for you. “Relationship Magnet” is an individual or group course – 6 weeks – 3 months or 6 months, depending on your individual situation and needs.  Book a group of 6 – 10 girlfriends and up to two will have it for free.

Relationship Bliss – You are on top of the world and happy as happy can be, so why would you need a relationship coach? Learn the secret of how to stay together even after the initial infatuation is over and everyday reality sinks in.

There are four components to every relationship – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. In the beginning it’s usually one or two that attract people to each other and if the other two or three are not aligned and present our happiness is often as fragile as a bubble in the air. Learn to master all four of them as well as skills of loving communication and confrontation, and enjoy life to the fullest. This course is available as individual or group coaching; give it as a gift to your hen party, flower girls, or girlfriends and get a discount. It’s a 6 week course for a woman who wants to know exactly how to keep happiness and grow in it together with her partner. Inquire to schedule your own sessions or join a group.

Relationship Check-up or ‘MOT’ – You’ve been and weathered together a little or a lot and are now at a stage of an open plain, m.b. even a plateau, or is that a fork on the road ahead; or your family situation is changing with new children on board, children growing or emptying the nest. Whatever the reason, something is changing or standing still without a breeze for some time.

Before boredom and casualness sets in there is a spark that could be reignited, brought back or a new flame found, fresh air let in. As a woman you hold the reins of the relationship.  It’s up to you to wish it to a completely new level. This six week or 3 – 6 moth individual or group course will examine your possibilities of growing and expanding your relationship and establishing even deeper and satisfying connection. Book your group and one comes free.

Relationship ‘SOS’ – Wait, it’s not the time to panic. It is time to take control and see clearly what works and what doesn’t and why.

Image result for unhappy couple imagesThen it’s time to learn what could be done to change what is not working. It’s time to take action and know precisely what steps to take to turn things around. It is almost never too late. It’s a question of one’s dedication, effort and belief. Come to the individual or group sessions for 6 weeks initially and reverse the situation no matter how hopeless it seems at present.

Relationship In the Family – Are your close relations causing you pain, are you struggling to find love and understanding  with your parents, siblings or children?

Take action to bring peace and comfort in every relationship that is misunderstood or hurting and taking away from your current happiness and confidence. These vital life connections affect all other spheres of our lives, they are the blood that fills the vessels of our success and social standing and building stones of happy intimate relationship. When these primary ties are at fault, quite often our life power is drained and purpose is missing. Bring back the love or establish the connection anew with your mum, dad, brother, sister or child and your wings will soar again. This is a an 6  to 12 week individual or group course.

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