A Letter from a Client, Now a Friend

I hope you are well! I have been meaning to send you some feedback for ages now – so sorry it has taken me so long to getting around to doing it.   

I feel so grateful to have met you and to have had the opportunity to experience your wisdom and very special coaching style. I immediately felt at ease with your quiet confidence and warmth, and your careful, intuitive listening. Your passion for women and the woman’s role in the household was very evident, and made me feel affirmed and valued in a way that I hadn’t even realised I needed. You responded to my feedback after a couple of sessions with humility and integrity, and as a result I felt we were able to move to a new level of understanding. I love that you are so transparent and honest about your own issues and experiences. Not only was this helpful in a practical sense, but it allowed me to feel more connected, reminding me that we are all on a journey – there is no ‘final destination’, we are continually learning and growing. I think, as a result, I was able to trust and be open with you in a way I would never have believed possible in just five sessions.

I thought I came to you for help with ‘goal-setting’, to work out what I wanted to ‘achieve’ next in that precious time in the mornings that I’ve carved out for myself . But I actually came away with something completely different, something I hadn’t realised that I needed much, much more; a deeper acceptance of my feelings and emotions and a renewed love for myself and my ‘inner child’.   

The day after our last session I happened to come across Elizabeth Gilbert’s description in her book ‘Big Magic’ of the way she deals with fear. She says she accepts it as evolutionarily useful and therefore unextinguishable – and so let’s it sit in the backseat of her ‘car’ but never, ever lets it drive. This has been such a useful analogy for me to adopt and adapt. Every morning now as I start meditating I picture myself in the driving seat of my ‘car’. In the backseat is my ‘inner child’ on one side with her ‘baggage’ – fear, anxiety etc. right next to her. I turn around and give her a big hug and tell her how much I love her, wrap her in blankets, and ask her how she feels today. I listen and acknowledge her – and then remind her that she probably won’t be coming in the front today, that I’m in charge of driving now. I acknowledge her strength and assistance with playfulness and fun and creativity though, and let her know that there will be times I’ll call her into the front to join me, just as long as she leaves all her ‘baggage’ in the back.  

It’s truly incredible how much this perspective has helped me – but the fact that I can do this at all is so much down to you – so I really can’t thank you enough!

I realise this is probably not quite the sort of testimonial that’s useful for your website etc – sorry about that, I just found it much easier to write directly to you! But please feel free to change to the third person/ edit or do whatever you need to it if you do want to use it for that purpose.

Very best wishes,