‘The Theory of Awesomness’ the State of Flow

‘You must have goals but your happiness cannot be tied to these goals. You must be happy before you attain your goals.’

To me this poster represents the whole paradigm of personal development. While as a coach I help you to set and achieve your goals and dreams and align them to your core values and examine limiting beliefs our first step will be finding your happiness and certainty in the present as this is the key or formula for success – (1) being happy in the present moment, (2) having a future vision and (3) acting upon it. Acting comes naturally when you have first two in place. When you don’t have present happiness only a huge future vision you are set for stress, anxiety and eventually burnout; when you have none of the ingredients it’s a negative spiral down to depression and apathy; present happiness without future vision often ends up in boredom and stagnation called ‘current reality trap’ in the poster.

The Theory of Awesomeness InfographicAs a Mindvalley ‘forever student’ I continuously learn from the advanced coaches, mentors and teachers in the field as they say that the fairy dust or brain power rubs off and being in the company of happy and forward looking people elevates others around them. If you are trying to change your life and make a positive difference it’s only natural to hang out with people who are positive, happy and successfull.


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I help women get in touch with their true selves, live authentic, happy lives and succeed on their own terms.

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