Guest Speaker & Expert – “Well Being” (Coaching)

Guest Speaker & Expert – “Well Being” (Coaching)


Dana Johnson

Dana is a life coach for women and leads seminars, workshops and one on one coaching sessions on  ”Work/Life balance”, “Relationship Highs and Lows” and “Emotional Mastery” – implementing strategies from the Robbins-Madanes Training Centre for coaches.

Dana began her professional career as a human rights lawyer and academic. She  has had a long journey towards coaching from a very personal place to the point where she is sharing and applying her experience, coaching and training to great effect. Dana has a strong admiration of “women’s spirit”. Her coaching techniques have been cultivated through her life experience of finding her own heart through achieving, failing and coming back in all spheres of life.

Introductory offer – For a complementary coaching session contact: Dana by phone 07917376004


Guest Speaker & Expert – “Well Being” (Coaching)


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I help women get in touch with their true selves, live authentic, happy lives and succeed on their own terms.

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