From Siberia with Love!

Thank you, Asya!

This morning we woke up to – 6°С! Frost on the windows, frozen car, grass is all crusty, and our Sunday snow man must be very happy as I am! We haven’t had such freeze so far! Probably, it’s because I received a letter from Siberia last night! Huge thank you to the sender. Always glad to receive a message:

‘I’m very careful who I allow to work with my emotional side, as I have unpleasant experiences having dealt with unprofessional [psychologists]. I always thought of the term “coaching” as of working in one’s professional sphere to achieve your own professional goals.

My close girlfriend, I trust absolutely, told me about her  experience of working with Dana. So I decided to try it myself to find out what does coaching means in personal life. The very first session turned out to be an unexpected and pleasant surprise – in a caring, creative and regarding way, Dana helped me pass through the sphere of my personal fears and conundrums, take a new look at the “labyrinth of feelings” I was stuck in. There was no coercive intrusion nor directives, the process was fully conscious, under my control.

Dana can ask a question amazingly spot on, after which my own answer becomes my own resolution. In my case, we worked with imagery, because I like painting and drawing and the world of images is very resourceful for me. Softness and tact that Dana exhibits, careful treatment of the inner world of the client, empathetic ability and effective leadership towards the result, understanding and finding a solution – these are the traits that must have invoked a deep trust towards her in me. Thank you Dana, for opening unexpected sides of my personality and also the new resources in me we have discovered together!!!

Asya Petrova, Novosibirsk, Russia, 2016

Tuesday Morning!

Thank you, Asya!


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