Procrastination and on the Importance of Being Human  

I recently needed to sit down and write an “important” document and with a big title “Personal results”. My whole body got tense and I went away to clean a bathroom cabinet. Typical!

The document needed for my online group “Magic of Feelings” I’m leading for six weeks at a time and during those weeks I normally write a lot of commentary to the personal diaries of each participant in our closed online group in VK. And I do it on my phone and on the go! I also write my own diary within the group and I call it “observations”. So the whole process is smooth and actually very rewarding.

But when I decided that this final document is so important that it requires me to sit down at my PC, my whole body protested to the point that I couldn’t write a word! Especially the word “results”.

An hour and a half later, clean bathroom cabinet and oil mask in my hair, I finally found the culprit that prevented me to write the whole thing! The importance, the undue weight that I gave to the whole event! Once I realized it, I called the document “Personal Observations” instead of “Personal Results” and proceeded to write everything on my phone as I normally did for the whole course!

The work was done in no time! Later when I said this to my husband, who’s  closely following the US democratic race for the predidential nomination, he said, ‘Ah, that’s why Hillary Clinton was using her Blackberry all the time!’ And for the first time I actually looked at her in a different light and she became more human/woman.

 If you think you’re procrastinating think again! Something in your attitude and beliefs just blocking you. Look within. If it’s not just plain physical tiredness that requires quality recreation time, it is something that is “very important” and so important, that it throws you out of your regular ways.  When in doubt proceed as normal… Change is overrated!

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I help women get in touch with their true selves, live authentic, happy lives and succeed on their own terms.

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