N, Moscow, Russia, Jan 2016

They say life starts at 40, but no one mentions that you have to die first… I will always remember my death date – 3rd September 2015. My kitchen, my husband, dinner…

– I figured it all out, we have to part. You’re going to your aunt. Don’t come close. I cannot stand you.

Two children, 15 years of marriage, no home, no job, no life. I was sinking deep into some kind of swamp of pain, denial, hurt, pity, when suddenly someone up high decided, that I needed a break. And I began to meet not your common everyday people. You know them. Such people show up “accidentally” when you need them the most. Such person for me was Dana.

I remember to a fault everything we talked about with her… our practices, heart opening. But in those meetings was something else, something that is hard to convey in words – magic, enchantment, wonder. It’s like you are swimming too long up to the surface, emerging on top of the water and taking your first long needed deep breath; as if you are coming to the precipice, and air is all what’s around and you are not a bird yet, but not a human anymore. And the swamp started to let go…

 And recently I found a job. Serious interview… 2,5 hours of tests. Then as much time talking to the office psychologist. I didn’t try to cover up what happened to me, it won’t be possible anyway.

– You’ve been working with a professional. And she did on all 10.

Dana, thank you! Will see you many more times!

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