Meeting 14th October

We had a very insightful work on ‘Emotional Spiral’ exploring the emotional ladder and the means of moving though it.

Our group members made interesting observations and discoveries during the session, the most profound ones were as follows:

  • how close the state (or emotion) of content is actually to the next feeling of boredom. We laughed, as we were thinking why people could never be satisfied with an achievement for too long, as the body moves us off the ‘sofa’ into the action again, otherwise it’s easy to scale down into more negative feelings;
  • how easy it’s to move your emotions from negative to more positive and backwards by just changing the tought pattern;
  • how quickly you can move from one emotion to another when you allow it to be and even intensify it, as opposed to being stuck in one unpleasant emotions for long time.

If only we had one thing to learn and experience today it would be that

emotions are the energy of life and keep it moving through our body and spirit.

Once we stuck in one of them for sometime we get uncomfortable which leads to disease (dis- ease). People often try to ‘control’ their emotions and all they do is just suppress them. Because most of us never learned safe ways to allow them to be and often were punished or unloved for expressing them. So the trick is to learn to recognize all the emotions in ourselves, accept them and let them pass, and come back to stillness, and allow more of them to come and go as life unfolds.

Our next meeting is on November 25 at 14:00.