Detailed Program U3A

1.       Understanding Body – Mind Connection, Thoughts – Emotions – Action, Empowering thinking versus limiting thinking

First meeting will be about getting to know each other and setting goals for the group as well as individual ones, e.g. become your own coach, coach your friends and family, explore possibilities of life, embrace change, deal with life issues, etc. We will also discuss Emotional Triad of how our focus, physiology and meaning we give to our thoughts, events and situations in life affect everything we are, have and do. Mainly what we focus on in a day-to-day life produces our state of being. How quality of our thinking, questions and language affects our state; how our body’s physiology affects our state and thinking, what can we do to influence all three points of the emotional triad.  

2.       Human behaviour explained by human needs, goal setting and reverse engineering

We will discuss the six human needs (based on Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs) that in modern psychology believed to be underlying cause of all human behaviour: 1. Certainty, 2. Uncertainty/variety, 3. significance, and connection, 5. growth and 6. contribution. We will explore how we meet our own needs and how we can meet needs of people we love in a way to empower and help them grow. Define personal goals and ways to move towards them, checking the real and perceived possibilities and limitations.

3.       Life zones and life satisfaction

Explore our current life zones – self, family, work, home and finance, etc. Could we expand them and add new life zones to experience greater satisfaction and explore more ways to enhance and enrich life.

4.       Key relationship: quality of our life equals to quality of our relationships

Exploring communication strategies, finding spark in life long and new relationships, strengthening and empowering our relationships, dealing with issues.  

5.       Life stages and key decisions

Issues, expectations and decision-making at different life stages, reaching certain milestones, transitioning work/retirement; expanding/moving/downsizing; career changes, starting afresh/concluding relationship, skills, summarising experiences and changes; dealing with them in a compassionate and mindful way.

6.       Ten success zones – The way we relate to and evaluate ourselves, others and events in our lives

State, Mood and Emotions; Actions; How I treat Myself; Flexibility; Work Ethic; Perspective (understanding others); Planning; Leadership; Social; Strengths – discover appreciate and build on our strengths.

7.       Overcoming emotional challenges

Emotional triggers, emotional scale, defining problems and safe problems; giving problem a purpose, (finding hidden benefits) identifying individual way of dealing with life situations (crazy eight pattern and ways out); presenting problem, overcoming problems, categories. Intimacy and connection, re-establishing, finding, fears and vulnerabilities.

8.       Rules, Tests Beliefs& Values, Integration within self

Learning how to overcome and change our rules and tests will change our beliefs and abilities to experience love and happiness. Archetypes;

9.       Exploring more tools and schools of coaching Grave’s Spiral Dynamics and levels of Existence, Roger Hamilton’s Wealth and Talent Dynamics Square, NLP, Ayurveda

 10.   Become a coach – discover tools and strategies, practice with members of the group, family and friends, learn about courses, certification and regulation. Find your passion


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